Questions We’re Asked

How can we claim Tow and Blow is undoubtedly the most efficient wind machine in the world?

  • We guarantee maximum air flow possible from minimum HP.
  • Our impeller delivers 85% of the engines power as directional air making it the most efficient Wind Machine in the world.
  • The shrouded impeller ensures airflow, velocity and volume are maximised.
  • Because our impeller is in a shroud, its performance has been proven to increase by up to 95% (over non shrouded). This coupled with the fact that the engine sits right behind the impellor delivering its power direct means much less HP is required to achieve the same job.
  • No need to pull out vines or trees to install, thereby maximising your income from your crop.
  • No installation cost.
  • No concrete foundations.
  • No cost of resource consents and building permits.
  • Easy low cost service.
  • Fuel consumption is only 5 Litres an hour.

Is this machine really safe?

  • Historically Wind machines were all EOT’s (Engine on Top) and they used WW2 surplus aeroplane propellers. As these ran out; extruded alloy blades were designed. The original EOT’s were in fact quite an efficient design. They blew away from the tower and used a smaller engine to achieve a greater area of frost protection than most modern Wind Machines do today.
  • Health and Safety reasons pushed the construction of WM’s to what is today ground power driven via gear boxes and long drive shafts. A large engine is needed because of the loss of power with this method, together with the huge drag created by the sheer length of the blades (up to 21 feet in diameter).
  • Tow & Blow has taken away the safety concern of the EOT by removing the need to climb high ladders to service the machine. Tow & Blow’s engine and impellor are safely lowered to ground level for servicing, transportation and storage purposes.
  • For safety reasons, the fan can only run when the boom is raised.

What about the noise?

  • Well we all know what a big issue this has been for anyone wanting to farm near neighbours or on the edge of town.
  • The Tow & Blow is so very quiet!! In fact it is difficult to hear it running at 300 metres. Certainly within the confines of a home nearby, it is almost inaudible.
  • Using only 23.4 HP to drive with unparalleled efficiency sure helps with the noise. But so does shrouding the impeller.
  • It has to be heard to believe just how quiet this machine is.
  • Tested by Acoustics experts at between 45 and 50 dBA at 300 metres.

What about permits and consents?

  • Tow & Blow doesn’t need building permit and no resource consent is needed as it is a portable agricultural machine, and is so very quiet.

Tell me about the portability?

  • The impellor and engine are positioned at the top of a hydraulic arm that is lowered when the machine is being moved, stored and for servicing.
  • This means it has the ability to be moved between properties and crops as and where needed.
  • It can be ordered with wide or narrow wheel base to suit plant spacing’s.
  • Just hook it up behind your vehicle and tow it to where you need it to save your crop.
  • Put the feet down to secure the position.
  • Raise the hydraulic arm to the highest position.

What servicing does it need?

  • Not much really. Oil change every 100 hours and a look over the engine.
  • Just lower the hydraulic arm and the engine and impeller will come down to a comfortable work height for inspection and service.

How many hectares does one machine protect?

  • One machine can protect up to 5 hectares of land depending on the property

Protection Fans

Yes, the Tow & Blow is a world first in providing portable and reliable frost protection fans for a huge cross-section of plants, vines and trees – in a variety of environments and in challenging, freezing temperatures. This wind machine is portable but effective, efficient but affordable and most importantly, it has been proven a hugely successful frost protection fan.

The Tow and Blow Frost Protection Fans is adaptable in freezing conditions and the shrouded impeller is uniquely capable in a variety of growing conditions, for a variety of frost prone crops. It beats frost and freezing in plants by simplifying the science. Not by complicating it.

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