Frost Protection for the vineyard

Livestock Cooling

Evaporative Cooling

Tow and Blow Demonstration – Jochen

Tow and Blow Demonstration

Tow and Blow product video

Early Morning Fan Testing

Introducing the TOW AND BLOW Diesel Auto Start Portable Wind Machine

All Diesel models come with Gearbox, utilising Planetary Rotating Gears with Soft Coupling, and have a Centrifugal clutch. All machines come supplied with weather proof engine / gearbox cover.

Hydralada Company is now selling frost protection fans.

Pictured here is the  team at Hydralada Company learning about what makes the Tow & Blow frost protection fan so unique!   “We are excited to have another product to sell”   says Duncan Smith,  Hydralada’s salesman.   ” A nd the synergy between Hydralada Companies existing products and Tow & Blow Frost Fans makes this addition to the range logic”  he says.   “GIve us …

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