Efficient and affordable wind machine for dust suppression

The unique design of this fan can provide effective dust suppression on work sites and farms. The ability to angle the impeller, horizontally oscillate the fan head and include a fine water mist settles dust very effectively.


Robert Jeffries, Bay of Plenty, NZ


John Parsons, Hawkes Bay, NZ


Steve Basset, Te Puke, NZ

"The benefits that attracted us are that the Tow & Blow is portable, which means set-up is simple and allows for moving to another site is necessary; running costs are very efficient and the Tow & Blow fan design and set-up gives great value for money."

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"I was impressed by the design features of the Tow and Blow. During a spring which has brought many frosts causing damage to neighbouring unprotected crops, the Tow and Blow has proved its worth on my apple crop. It has proven to be quiet, economical, reliable and well worth the investment."

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"The orchard that is protected by the tow and blow is 20 metres above sea level. It has a gold and green variety of kiwifruit that require frost protecting in the spring –September to November. The total area is 3.4 canopy hectares in three blocks divided by internal shelter (casurina)."

  • Testimonial

The Tow and Blow wind machine is very effective



The Tower has three height positions to enable operation at lower heights if required. Suitable for valleys and hills.



Unique five bladed fan manufactured from glass reinforced polyamide. Performance tested to recognize world standards.



Aerodynamically designed shroud maximizes the air flow capacity. This effectively turbo charges the thrust of the air like a jet.

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