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Ground Crops

Dust Suppression

An efficient and affordable wind machine for dust suppression

Developed by New Zealand experts the Tow & Blow introduces new technology to solve the inefficiencies and problems associated with traditional wind machines for dust suppression

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  1. Versatility

    The unique design of this fan can provide effective dust suppression on work sites and farms. The ability to angle the impeller, horizontally oscillate the fan head and include a fine water mist settles dust very effectively.

  2. Portability

    Portability is second to none. Easily transported behind a tractor or vehicle. Stabiliser support feet are lowered to a secure position and the machine levelled for operation.

  3. Quiet

    With a noise level of only 55 decibels at 300m.

Fan Features
Aerodynamic Design

Maximize air flow capacity

Aerodynamically designed shroud maximises the airflow capacity. This effectively turbocharges the thrust of air like a jet engine.

Impeller Fan

Five blade impeller fan

Unique five-bladed fan manufactured from glass reinforced polyamide. Performance tested to recognised world standards.

Hydraulic Lift

Three height positions

The tower has three height positions to enable operation at lower heights if required. Suitable for valleys and hills.

Rotation & Oscillation

360 degrees rotation

The tower and fan-head can oscillate through any angle or rotate a full 360 degrees.

Telemetry System – Optional Extra

Smart connect & remote control

This system allows you to monitor your wind machine remotely from your computer or phone with the added ability to start, stop and switch between modes.

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