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The first truly portable Wind Machine

Why Tow and Blow

The Tow and Blow Fan provides an affordable and incredibly effective solution to fighting frost!

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In the early 1990’s a Kiwi Engineer returned home from USA where he studied the use of wind machines for frost protection and began developing his own machines right here in NZ. With many years of accumulated experience fighting frosts all around the world, a new concept was developed resulting in today’s Tow and Blow mobile Frost Fan. This machine has unparalleled features, to offer the grower unique, specially designed aerodynamic shrouded fan blade that efficiently delivers air using the least possible horsepower. This coupled with the machines complete autonomy eliminates permanent foundations, with the associated resource or building consents. Tow and Blow began a revolution in frost protection!

Depending on the area required to be protected, Tow and Blow now produce two models, the 250h and 650h. These NZ built Tow and Blow Frost Machines are designed to combat freezing conditions in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. The unique design moves air with as little horsepower as possible. This means less fuel, less noise, more air, all on a frame that is totally mobile.  


David O’Keeffe

Production Facilitator

With a long history in mechanics and process production, experience in 6 sigma and lean methodology David plays a major role in the day to day running at Tow and Blow.

Dan Smith

Company Director

Dan plays a major role in scheduling the production of all new Tow and Blow machines and collaborates the manufacturing at the factory.  He is a Company Shareholder and Dan has a lot to do with the everyday operations as well as caring for HR responsibilities.

Grant Smith

Company Director

Grant’s main focus is on sales and he looks after some of the Company’s key dealers in both Australia and the USA.  As a Director and Shareholder, Grant is very much involved in the overall management of the Company and his responsibilities include many aspects of everyday administration.


Joshua Smith

Sales Consultant

Josh has been involved with Tow and Blow new machine production and has recently moved into sales.  His background in the manufacturing of new machines means he has an excellent understanding of the technical side.  Josh’s passion is Tow and Blow frost machines, but he is available to help with all sales inquires including Hydralada and Pellenc Vineyard machinery.

Duncan Smith

Sales Consultant

Young and enthusiastic, Duncan is keen to help with all sales enquiries, whether its Tow and Blow, Hydralada platforms, Pellenc vineyard machinery, or Bandit wood chippers. Duncan will give you well-informed advice on the machine best suited to your particular job.

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Final assembly technician

A challenging role has become available for an assembly technician with experience in mechanical problem solving, hydraulic and electrical diagnosis. A methodical approach and a high level of skill in mechanical systems are essential to this role.

Tow and Blow is a growing organisation that can offer career stability. Full initial product training will be provided followed by ongoing professional product training to expand your knowledge of the market-leading equipment that Tow and Blow manufacture for the global market.

If you are ready to take that next step up but don’t currently have the experience we would also be keen to hear from you.

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