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650i Wind Machine

An efficient and affordable wind machine for European and US frost protection

The first truly portable Wind Machine developed by New Zealand experts.

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Tow and Blow machines have the ability for you to select the tower to either rotate 360˚ or preset the tower rotation degrees to rotate through any angle of your choice. With the speed of rotation also adjustable, this ensures that you target the protection to only the desired area, whatever shape your site may be. Tow and Blow requires no concrete foundations, no building permit or consent, is incredibly quiet, and the low fuel consumption ensures low emissions.

Easily transported from site to site behind a vehicle or tractor, the Tow and Blow is outstanding in terms of maneuverability, flexibility, and affordability.

Fan Features
Aerodynamic Design

Maximize air flow capacity

Aerodynamically designed shroud maximises the airflow capacity. This effectively turbocharges the thrust of air like a jet engine.

Impeller Fan

Five blade impeller fan

Unique five-bladed fan manufactured from glass reinforced polyamide. Performance tested to recognised world standards.

Hydraulic Lift

Three height positions

The tower has three height positions to enable operation at lower heights if required. Suitable for valleys and hills.

Rotation & Oscillation

360 degrees rotation

The tower and fan-head can oscillate through any angle or rotate a full 360 degrees.

Telemetry System – Optional Extra

Smart connect & remote control

This system allows you to monitor your wind machine remotely from your computer or phone with the added ability to start, stop and switch between modes.



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Fuel Capacity: 200L / 53 Gal

Fan Engine Power: 65 HP / 48.6 Kw

Fuel Usage: 14L / hour


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